International exhibition of designer dolls


8 сезон
11 — 25 Апреля 2022

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About Us

Welcome to the official website of the international exhibition MuñecArt

The exhibition in this format has no analogues in the world. Here are only new works that you will not find anywhere else.
We created this project to unite and support puppet masters around the world during this difficult time. 

VIII MuñecArt 

11 - 25 April 2021


Professional Union of Artists' Puppet Artists.
The union is named after the tenth muse, patroness of artists. Unidia's mission is to popularize the high art of dolls in Europe and the world. The union includes masters of the highest professional level. New members of the union are admitted on a competitive basis, based on the results of examination work, several times a year. The union's activity program includes professional exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other useful events. Only an artist who has achieved a certain skill can become a full member of Unidia. Nevertheless, anyone can become a visitor to the union's events.


International online magazine about dolls. Continued in the form of the DailyDoll.Shop marketplace The purpose of the magazine and the marketplace is to interest and involve as many people as possible in the magical world of art dolls. Translated into all popular languages of the world. A unique online publication for everyone who is interested in designer dolls. Here you can find publications about interesting masters, interviews with outstanding personalities from the art world, news about upcoming exhibitions, various historical essays, master classes and much more. On the pages of DailyDollNews, everyone will find useful information for themselves.
And the DailyDoll.Shop marketplace will help you acquire your dream!


International Virtual Art Puppet Competition. It was originally conceived on the basis of MuñecArt, but literally in one season it grew into an independent project, immediately gaining fame. The competition is distinguished by a high level of participants, jury and organization. The winners, in addition to cash and other prizes, receive an author's statuette. The final of the competition is a bright and beautiful holiday. His shooting takes place every time in a new place. Winning Gaudir is not easy, but he only benefits from it. Having a Gaudir statuette in your collection is an honor for any author. The competition takes place once a year in summer.


Crealandia International Portal was created by our creative team to unite all creative people, popularize creative directions, as well as inform about training programs, creative events and services of our residents.

On the pages of the portal you can purchase your favorite handmade products, as well as visit the pages of exhibitions and take part in contests or even become our resident!

Crealandia is a place for creative people united by inspiration!

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