3D model

A new opportunity in the digital world to view your products as a 3d model

New digital reality

We open up the opportunity for you to present your creativity in 3D models. 
This presentation of your work is much more effective than regular photos or videos. After all, by controlling the view, any visitor to your page can enjoy your work and view it from a variety of angles.


Realistic product display. The object is drawn as detailed as possible, with all its features

Control Ability

The 3D model is made in such a way that each visitor can control the viewing and examine the model from different angles.

Ease of viewing

The ability to consider from all sides. And you don't need to create multiple images for this. The 3D model can be explored from a variety of angles, turning and unfolding as you please.


We can create any 3D model of your products. You only need to provide the source materials (see instructions below).

Visitors to our exhibition do not have the physical ability to hold your products in their hands, examine from all sides and appreciate its convenience. Adding detailed interactive 3D models to the page solves this problem. Thanks to them, visitors and collectors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the appearance of products without leaving their homes, to discern the nuances, and also to interact with it interactively.

We are interested not only in creating high-quality content, but also in testing its effectiveness. Research by leading digital analysts has shown that adding a 3D model to website pages increases conversions by an average of 45%.

3D modeling - New reality for your creations!

3D modeling instruction

3D visualization allows you to create a three-dimensional model of your product. Visitors to the exhibition and collectors will be able to view the model from all sides by changing its position in space with the movements of the mouse on the site.

We deliberately used the most available materials and elements to create a series of photographs, which will later be used for 3D modeling. 

  1. It is necessary to prepare a place for shooting:
    It can be a table or some surface. We used a regular kitchen table.
    As a background, we built a structure of chairs, on top of which we put fabric.
    At the beginning we used black fabric, then we decided to replace it with white one, since the flaws are less visible on it.

2. As a stand, it is best to use something round, such as a saucer, or a stand for a bowl.

3. If you have a rotating platform, it will make it much easier to prepare photos for a future 3D model.

If not, then you need to draw a circle around your base, so that when you twist your model, the stand does not go beyond the boundaries of the circle.

A turntable is also suitable for these purposes, but it will be necessary to resolve the issue with the background.

So, in order to make a set (group) of photos you need:

  1. If you have a rotating platform - turn it on, set continuous shooting on your phone / camera, and as soon as you turn on your platform, turn on continuous shooting.
    Stop shooting only when your platform has made a full revolution.
    You should have between 100 and 600 photos, depending on the rotation speed of the platform.
    All photos must be uploaded to the cloud (or you can use the weTransfer service) and send to us.
  2. If you don't have a rotating platform, then you need to manually rotate your base about 5 degrees and take 1 photo. As a result, you should have from 70 to 100 photos for a complete turnover of your product.
    Please note that the base on which your product stands should not go beyond the outlined circle!
    This is very important, otherwise the 3D model will "jump" later.
  3.  if you have Rotary tablethen it can also be used, only need to set the background.
    You should also turn the turntable by 5 degrees and take 1 photo.

Here's an example of how not worth it shoot a future 3D model


    And here is the unfortunate result of 3D modeling

    Example of 3D models