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  1. Thanks for the work you've done! The exhibition turned out to be beautiful, I am glad that I took part in it. If such exhibitions are held, I will gladly take part in them.
    I would like a clarification on statistics. It is not entirely clear how many visits to the exhibition and, in particular, to my page. And in general, many thanks !!!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Galina, thank you for the warm feedback and your participation in the project.
      As for statistics, we saw a very common question. We specially laid out access to the most detailed statistics collected from Google Analytics as soon as data appeared that can be analyzed .. Perhaps not everyone saw it or could not figure it out. It is in the "Information" section. If there is something incomprehensible about it, write the questions in the letter. Thanks. Irina

  2. Hello, the exhibition made a lot of impressions??????. The design is stylish, clear????. The menu is convenient and straightforward. With your help, many have learned about me as a puppeteer. More friends and like-minded people???. Thank you girls for your work (a lot of work has been done). You are super??????????????????

  3. Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for the great work done. The site is convenient. beautiful, the composition of the participants is simply magnificent. I discovered many new, talented masters. But, nevertheless, not one site can replace live communication. I really hope to meet in real life. Thanks again and see you again!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Thank you very much, Irina. We are always for live communication. Unfortunately, this does not always depend only on us. Thank you, Irina

    1. Hello, thank you for the exhibition, for the work done, it is grandiose. Many interesting works and authors are interesting to watch and vote, such a cute get-together. It's very good that each author was given a link to his work, this allowed all subscribers to find it on the site and leave their reviews and hearts .. It’s a pity that it didn’t add new subscribers, I think very few people reached new names in viewing… For me it was a new experience and it was interesting for me to participate in this. I can honestly say, I liked it.

  4. Thanks for the show! Everything is done with great taste and technically flawless!
    Thank you for the opportunity to show my work to people all over the world! This is a very good format and I think this is the future.!

  5. Beautiful exhibition, professional organization and excellent presentation. Thanks to Irina and everyone who helped organize the exhibition at this crazy time. You did a great job. THANK YOU!

  6. I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of the wonderful MunecArt exhibition and the Gaudir competition! What you are doing is so necessary right now, when people have practically no opportunity to travel and communicate freely. I would like to wish this project successful development and longevity! And I really hope that next year both the exhibition and the competition will bring together puppeteers from all over the world in person!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Thank you very much, Anastasia. I am very touched by such a warm response. We are waiting for you on our projects. Irina

  7. Many thanks to the whole muňecArt team for the work done. Accompanying and organizing the event was available. In addition, Irina answered all, sometimes very elementary questions, with lightning speed. You were one of the first to organize such a virtual exhibition and ... ... how many followers at once. Great! Congratulations to you and all of us! We will look forward to a beautiful closing, as you know how to do it.

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Oksana, thank you very much for your good feedback. We tried to make a good product, useful and convenient. Thanks. Irina

  8. I am happy to be a part of the exhibition. I thank the participants and organizers for the work done. I hope for new meetings. Peace, harmony and health to all of us!

      1. The organization is perfect! I can't understand the negative reviews.
        I see only my omission: the category of works is not correctly selected ... dolls in a single copy - the category would be more suitable))) and it is more visited and interesting to viewers ???
        MUNECART, hug you across the distance! And again, many thanks for the ONLINE EXHIBITION

        1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

          Katya, there should be negative reviews too. This is normal. If they did not exist at all, I would have suspected that something was wrong. It is impossible to please everyone. Someone likes it, some don't, we are all different. Another question is that there are few negative reviews. And with this, as you can see, everything is in order).
          And once again, I sincerely thank you for your genuine and benevolent attitude. Believe us, we notice everything and really appreciate it!

  9. Let me also express to you, dear organizers of the MunecArt exhibition, my deep gratitude, gratitude for the opportunity to become a part of this project! The exhibition turned out to be incredibly beautiful, with so many interesting and bright works of participants! I think that she could not leave anyone indifferent, because incredible, positive energy emanates from her, like the solar breeze of Spain itself, despite the fact that the exhibition is being held online this year. For many participants, it will become one of the most memorable events. In particular for me, because this is my first experience of participating in an exhibition of such a scale and level. But all this might not have happened if not the professional approach of the organizers, their immense sense of tact and patience towards newcomers like me, when everything new and unknown scares you and you lose confidence in your actions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ! Best regards, Elena Yakovleva.

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Elena, thank you very much for your kind feedback. I want to mutually bow for the tact and patience shown in relation to us. We are alive and this is also important to us. Thanks. Irina

  10. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for a great opportunity to showcase your work! Thank you for the holiday and beauty! The exhibition turned out to be amazing and bright, the site is convenient and beautiful. It was very interesting to wander around the virtual exhibition. It turned out to be a real holiday? Good luck to the organizers in all future plans!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Julia, thank you very much. We tried to create a beautiful project and are very glad that you liked it. Irina

  11. I would like to leave your positive feedback. But for me, the exhibition seemed to have passed blindly. I haven't seen any visitors. I don't know if anyone watched it at all .. except for the masters themselves and their subscribers. Floating exhibition rules. The impossibility of editing the text after the start of the exhibition .. there was practically no advertising. Inconvenient site navigation. Not everyone will go to the author's page. And an extra like to work from the main page would be feedback. The organizers have something to work on, and the most important thing is their attitude towards us, the authors ... there are many negative thoughts left, but I still want to develop ..

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Natalia, thank you for your feedback. The most detailed statistics are available in the Information section. There you can get comprehensive information from the first days of the exhibition.
      Regarding the "floating" conditions of the exhibition. This project is the first in the world, no one did anything like this, and we did not have the opportunity to learn from anyone, we had to do it on our own experience. If we saw that something needed to be changed, then we immediately sent the corresponding mailing to all the masters by mail.
      There was and is a huge amount of advertising, you are wrong about that.
      I didn't understand at all about the inconvenient navigation. We made it very simple on purpose and everyone celebrates it.
      Extra like - protection against cheating. And it is very poorly understood about the bad attitude towards the authors. I would be grateful for clarifications. Thanks. Irina

    2. Thanks for your feedback. It is very important for us to get feedback that we were able to improve our virtual exhibition.
      Especially for tracking exhibition visitors, we created the Statistics page ( https://munecart.eu/statistica/ ), where every Monday data from Google Analytics is uploaded, so that authors can view traffic not only throughout the site, but also on their page.
      Editing the text / photo-video on the author's page after the opening of the exhibition is really prohibited, this was done so that there would be no significant changes in the content of the site, as this has an effect on further promotion and on the reaction of visitors. Therefore, we strongly recommended that you carefully approach the design of the author's personal page, including texts and photo-video content.
      In terms of promoting and advertising the exhibition, a large-scale advertising campaign was launched via Facebook / Instagram and the Google search engine. The advertising campaign covered America and Canada, European territory, Asia and Russia with the CIS countries, but we put the priority on the European part. This can be confirmed by statistical data on the Statistics page.
      I would very much like to receive more specific feedback about you on the "floating conditions of the exhibition" and inconvenient navigation on the site. What do you mean?

  12. Ira, thank you very much for such a great event. I am grateful to fate that I met you. I look forward to next year. I'm sure it will be cool as always. I hug and kiss??

  13. Ira, I am very impressed by your courage, uneasiness and ambition. The site came out very good - in terms of organization, navigation, aesthetics. The only remark: I did not have enough statistics during the exhibition. What you have done in recent days is very good, thank you, I looked with curiosity and analyzed the results. But also, I wanted to receive, say, a constant mailing of only four lines: date, how many visitors in general, where they came from (not countries, but channels), the number of sales (I don’t know if this is technically possible?). At a real exhibition we are used to seeing all this ourselves, but here we need the help of the organizers.
    Congratulations on a great start! I wish the exhibition to grow, strengthen and develop! Thanks a lot))

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Ekaterina, thank you very much for your feedback. We take note of all constructive comments and will work on them. Thanks. Irina

    2. I think that next time we will be able to take into account your wishes. Regarding the newsletter, I need to think about how to organize it better, because we are filming weekly statistics for the whole site, but I think we will be able to shoot for each author as well. More precisely, we can shoot for sure, the question is more technical how to organize a personalized distribution of statistics, but I think that by the next launch of the exhibition, I will be able to solve it.
      As for the number of sales, we cannot keep statistics here, since direct sales are not implemented on the site. This was not done by chance. The site is primarily a virtual exhibition platform and all sales go directly through contact with the author. Therefore, we cannot track them in any way, unless the author independently informs us.
      Thanks for your feedback! I was very pleased to receive your feedback and recommendations on how to improve our virtual exhibition!
      We will strive to make it even better and more successful!

      1. Thank you, Ilona! I didn’t even mean the statistics on the authors - it’s probably too troublesome. For me, it would be enough just to know how many people are in total and where they came from within a couple of days.
        Thank you, Ilona, for your prompt work and a very friendly attitude!

  14. Many thanks to Irina and her team!
    Great site, everything is tastefully done and very easy to navigate.
    You are great for not being afraid to tackle a new format.
    You were the first and did a great job.
    I lacked feedback and statistics. As an author, I would like to manage my own page. Make changes and invite to events inside the exhibition, make updates and share new photos of my work.
    I would like to have a link to my social networks and shops so that they can contact me.
    Thanks a lot. Thank you for your cooperation. Good luck.

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Irina, thanks for your feedback. The most detailed statistics are in the Information section. Since most of the comments are related to the technical part, I will ask Elon to answer. Thanks Irina

    2. We are also thinking about similar tools for authors and I agree with you that this is important. Therefore, I will take into development new tools and capabilities in order to launch them for the new season.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  15. The technical design is wonderful !. But the level of the works themselves is very low .. (with some exceptions). I was disappointed ... I think that the "visitors" of the exhibition were also slightly disappointed .. this is my subjective opinion.

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Hello Lyudmila. Perhaps this is the first comment from which I was confused. It seems to me, firstly, there is no need to sign for all the visitors of the exhibition, and secondly, it is somewhat unethical to speak of your colleagues in this way.
      Of course, all the works of different levels, performed in different techniques, but I would not dare to call all of them “with some exceptions” a low level. Good for you. Thanks. Irina

  16. Everything was perfect! Organization was stellar, nice presentation and professional looking website! Hope we will be able to attend live next time. Thank you!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Dear Patrizia. Thank you very much for the feedback and for helping make this project more beautiful. See you soon! Irina

  17. Many thanks to the organizers for their titanic work!
    The site turned out to be wonderful!
    Maybe the authors lacked feedback a little, but I think it will be possible to take this into account next time, and make the exhibition and participation in it even brighter and more interesting.
    It is always difficult for the former, and I am very glad that I became a part of this project at the very start!

  18. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

    Oksana, thank you for your feedback. What exactly do you mean by feedback? Please write in more detail. This is really important to us. Thanks. Irina

    1. In the Information section, as far as I understand, there is general statistics on the site. Are there statistics specifically for authors or works? It would be interesting to see more sales.

      1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

        Oksana, there is information on each page. You can see visits not only to a specific author, but also to some section. Useful, by the way, information, so that you know where the most people go.
        We cannot give statistics on sales, since they do not pass through us. Some of the authors report the sale, some forgets. If sales were made through us, then yes, we could provide such statistics. There are no statistics for individual works either. What is measured is that which has a specific address, that is, the page on which this work is located. Photos do not have their own address, they cannot be measured in this form. Irina

  19. Thank you very much, Irina, to you and your team for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition! Probably, for us, the participants, it is even impossible to imagine how huge the amount of work done ... But for me it was a good lesson in how to present yourself and your dolls. I was terribly tired and even tortured, but I understood and learned a lot in this matter (though I suspect not everything). For which, too, a huge THANKS! I liked the exhibition VERY. I looked through all the creations, it took several evenings, but it was very interesting. At first it seemed that there were a lot of authors, but when I finished watching, I was upset that there weren't many! ))) The works are all different, not only in style and execution, ... but it's great that there is someone to learn from! For myself, I found a lot of new things not only in high-quality creations ... I think that my passion for an author's doll has many reasons: aesthetics, philosophy, self-expression ... but for me it is an escape ... from reality for a tired soul, a healing hypnotic dream that will smooth everything ... no, ALMOST ALL "angles" of existing reality will make you look a little differently at some things. Therefore, I was very pleased and touched by the works of perhaps even novice authors: they are beautiful, like children, with their spontaneity, naivety and purity. Growing up technically is only a matter of time. If only they did not lose their holy simplicity. It is so beautiful ! I liked the design of the project too. But most of all, I was touched by the very idea of a virtual exhibition at such a difficult time for everyone. For this, my deepest bow! I hope that I can continue to participate in similar projects. I would only like to see even more authors and their works in the next exhibition. THANK YOU !

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Tatyana, thank you very much for such a detailed and warm review. We will try not to disappoint you! Irina

  20. Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for their work! The site is very beautiful, great idea with individual authors' pages! I am very glad that I became a part of this project and wish it successful development! I would like a link to social networks on the author's page so that visitors can see other works of the masters.

  21. I thank the organizers of the exhibition. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project, which appeared so timely and became an excellent motivator at a time when everything in the world is uncertain and uncertain.
    Since this is a new undertaking, I am a person interested in its further prosperity, I will also make a small criticism. It seems to me that for the majority - both visitors and craftsmen - the exhibition implies a kind of common space, a place where people meet with art. And I think this is exactly what this project lacks. The impression of many doors with signs, entering into which, you can see several dolls. For whom is this "archive" structure good? For a collector who came for a specific doll from a specific author? Yes, but why should he go to the exhibition - he can directly contact the puppeteer. But for the visitor who came to "walk" the exhibition, all these "cells" will only be a hindrance. Yes, a structure is needed to help navigate, but at the same time it should not interfere with the perception of the exhibition as a whole.
    Here, this is my opinion))
    Thanks. Wish you luck.

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Sasha, thank you for your feedback. Thank you for understanding that the authors themselves should be primarily interested in the success of this project. A virtual exhibition, although it has its own advantages over a physical one, still has its limitations. Clear structuredness is important here, otherwise there will be chaos. But we will definitely think about your suggestion on how you can make navigation even easier. Thanks. Irina

    2. Thank you for your criticism, it is also necessary so that we can grow and improve.
      As for the navigation and arrangement of pages, as a developer, I can answer, our task was to make navigation on the site as simple as possible from the point of view of visitors, so the site was divided into certain zones: a zone for authors and their personal pages and a zone for categories for authors' works.
      We tried to make easy access to each section of the exhibition.
      If we put everything in one section, then we would get an incredibly long page, to the end of which not every visitor could reach.
      We are thinking about creating some kind of common space, but this is still only in the project.
      Therefore, I will be glad to any of your suggestions!

  22. Hello everyone !!! ?
    My big gratitude to the girls, the organizers of such a chic, original and extraordinary exhibition ?. My friends and I got a lot of pleasure from visiting.
    ? I am, of course, a beginner and this was my first experience of participation as a master, but I have seen enough exhibitions on the Internet ... And I want to note the high artistic level of work and skill of most authors! Let's be condescending ... you can't become a professional sitting on a bench at home ... Therefore, I'm sorry, but I like to participate in exhibitions, it gives us the opportunity for creative growth and inspiration. This is about some of the comments.
    ?️ In general, everything was beautiful and wonderful !!! But, to me personally, this trip seemed very short, I would like three months ... ?
    And it is true that there was a lack of communication with visitors and participants and also live information on visits and sales .?
    Once again, many thanks to everyone for participating, I'm happy to be a part of this beautiful project! I wish you all good health and great creative success !!!
    Until next time !!! ???

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Olena, thank you for such an emotional and bright response. We will try to take into account the wishes of the masters, as far as we can! Thank you) Irina

  23. The project turned out to be very interesting. Thank you for the new exhibition format and new opportunities. The organizers did a great job, I wish you prosperity and development

  24. Elena and Igor Parshenkov

    Unfortunately the holiday is coming to an end…. So many vivid unique emotions! Many thanks to the organizers of this exhibition. Irina, you are great! Such a project is a fairy tale! Special thanks to Ilona, I had to tinker with us so much, but as a result our page turned out to be the best and most interesting!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Elena and Igor, thank you for the warm feedback! We are waiting for you on our new projects, even better, even brighter! Irina

  25. Elena and Igor thank you for your kind words!
    In fact, I enjoyed working on every page, every photo, and even a video! It was an opportunity to touch the beauty!
    Thanks for your work and participation!

  26. Hello,
    I am writing a review a little later, but better than never.
    First of all, thanks for the interesting opportunity to participate!
    This was my first experience.
    There was a lot of confusion with information and if I did not speak Russian, I would have no idea what, how and when. I think it is good to have the same information and video on the homepage of the site as well as on Facebook and Instagram. And this information and video is also not only in Russian but also in English. Even on Facebook, when I saw an advertisement on the English municard, I still came to Russian by the link. The videos were the most informative.
    I was lured to the exhibition by the fact that, as they said, this will be a unique opportunity to show myself to the world and the involved international collectors, and that those who need extra promotion are just right here!
    In fact, if I had not shared the link with my friends and family, then I would have only 4-6 likes and two comments. This is a very small flow, as the minimum attendance rate out of 9000 per day was much higher.
    And I also think that the fact that only those who have a lot of likes are advertised is not fair. Each client should have an equal opportunity to see each other, because everyone paid for the exhibition.
    In general, I thought about everything written and did not write anything superfluous.
    Hope you find my information useful.
    All the best!

    1. Irina Abrasokina MuñecArt

      Hello Julia. Thanks for your feedback. Let's figure it out). You received information in Russian, since you are marked in our database as a Russian-speaking author. All English-speaking authors received all the information in English, but in writing, since it is not possible to broadcast in two languages.
      All information written in Russian is also duplicated in English.
      First of all, it is friends who leave comments and likes, we discussed this in the final broadcast. Outsiders did much less of this.
      Not those with many likes and comments were additionally advertised, but the most visited pages. This is a completely different statistic, regardless of the number of friends. Everyone had the same opportunity to show themselves. The fact that we will encourage the most popular pages, we warned from the very beginning, this was not part of the conditions for participation, but was in the form of a pleasant bonus for the participants.
      Julia, I must console you a little by the fact that I will be doing advertising posts with all, without exception, the participants of the exhibition. Just because it is officially closed doesn't mean it won't be of any use anymore. Vice versa.
      Regarding you specifically, I was going to make a separate post and it's good that you reminded me of this. I read in your comments about the experience of working on cartoons. We will write about this. I find this very interesting. But this is better in personal correspondence. Thanks. Irina

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